Here at the Resource Management Group, we understand the need to provide solutions to combat the deteriorating quality of recyclable commodities caused by single stream systems. The future of the recycling industry will rely on cleaner, higher quality grades of material to be generated from our waste streams. With our emphasis in marketing quality materials to the global community, we strive to address the issue right from the source and point of generation of the materials.

With evolving environmental laws nationwide, more stringent emissions guidelines have become a heavy burden for waste companies to keep up with and maintain compliance. At RMG, we feel the best manner to address the issue is to eliminate/minimize the need for the waste hauling services by diverting the waste stream through aggressive recycling.

Economic issues with the government and municipal sector has made managing waste fertile ground for generating revenues to cover shortcomings through higher fees, taxes and penalties imposed on every level of the waste ladder. RMG’s answer to this problem is to eliminate the material deemed waste and manage it through the lenses of recyclable commodities as a value stream. We implement tailored, specialized programs across all industries to help individual companies benefit from our philosophy.

RMG Success Depends on Our Clients’ Success