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In this page you will be able to find answers to many questions relating to all aspects of Recycling and Waste which are most commonly asked on a daily basis. See below for the questions:

Is Recycling worth it for my business?
Yes! Besides the fact that recycling is about to become mandatory for of the entire county of San Diego it is more efficient our Planet. The moment you start a recycling program you will see the difference you are making immediately.
How do I get recycling services at my office? How much does it cost?
To start a recycling service for an office, building, or multi family complex you should start by contacting RMG. The cost varies. Costs depending on your location, the type of materials you have to recycling and the quantity of recyclable material you think you will produce. For a company with a lot of recyclable materials the costs would decreases because there is less material to be paid to throw into the landfill. As for smaller companies their overall waste bill may increase but we can help you decrease that cost by evaluating your trash service to ensure you're not be serviced too often and are being charged a fair price.
Is recycling financially worth while?
Is your company calculating recycling costs correctly? RMG can tell you exactly how much your recyclable commodity materials are priced based on current and future market indexes. We can show a Clear Cost Savings and a quick Return on Investment (ROI).
How Can RMG Help Your Business?
Our design philosophy can be aptly defined as comprehensive simplicity. That is, we strive to deliver everything the client wants in a simple and functional way. We can obtain the best prices for recyclable commodities. RMG can help with efficient information management of your cardboard, metal and plastic commodities and RMG can proudly help improve your company's environmental image.
What Does The Resource Management Group Do?
Simply stated, RMG provides turn-key cardboard, metal and plastic Recycling Solutions to businesses. We are a One-stop-shop for all of your company's waste and recycle needs.
Where can I turn in my individual collection of recyclable goods?
The best place to call to receive this information this is I Love A Clean San Diego at 1-800-237-BLUE. They have the largest data base of local recyclers and can help individuals find recycling stations closest to them.

Recycle now with RMG!

Read about the Resource Management Group's Recycle First, Landfill Last initiative to reduce landfill waste.

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