RMG’s technology is one of the things that set us apart from our competitors. We designed
and developed our own Recycling/Waste Management tracking system (RCMS®) back in 2008 because we knew we needed to be able to customize it to satisfy our clients’ unique service, financial, and regulatory requirements. Our system is comprised of an integrated set of tools that are constantly being expanded and enhanced in order to provide the best service to our customers and track the progress of all our recycling and waste management programs along with the specific impact to the environment.

Our technology allows us to:

  • Focus on our customer.
  • Capture, process, and complete work orders reliably and cost-effectively.
  • Boost resource utilization.
  • Increase transparency of business processes.
  • Optimize route planning and management using the latest digital mapping technologies.
  • Meticulously track and manage waste-streams from generation through disposition.
  • Satisfy changing regulatory requirements of waste and recycling processes.
  • Streamline the handling and weighing of all materials at our recycling facilities.
  • Provide efficient, integrated support for order entry and data management.
  • Integrate all order execution and confirmation processes.
  • Import and integrate external customer data.