recovery-chain management

The Recovery-Chain Management System (RCMS®) is software developed by RMG that has a full range of features allowing us to provide the best-in-class service for our clients.

  • Call Tracking
  • Email-Portal Management
  • Waste Audit Tracking
  • Invoice Auditing Services
  • Manifest Auditing/Tracking
  • Reporting and Distribution Management
  • Data Import/Exporting Capabilities
  • OBM (Official Board Market) Price Tracking
  • One Source Reports®

RCMS also provides all the features and functionality needed to help us run our own recycling operations at our facilities.

  • Route-Management/Optimization
  • Asset Tracking/Management
  • Certified WeighMaster Scaling Software
  • Full accounting/QuickBooks integration
  • Customer/Vendor Management

The “Recovery-Chain” is what RMG refers to when talking about materials in the waste-stream that were diverted from the landfill. RCMS provides total traceability and full accountability for all the materials managed in the recovery-chain as well as all non-recoverable (solid waste) materials managed in the waste-stream.

RCMS helps RMG to track and recommend changes for our clients’ recovery-chain programs that increase revenue and reduce handling/transportation costs.

RMG developed RCMS because we needed a recycling/waste management program we could adapt to our clients’ business needs and to provide us with the analytical tools needed to recommend, implement, and track the best and most cost-effective recycling programs.

RCMS has an advanced, state-of-the-art reporting system unparalleled in the industry. The One-Source Reports® were all designed to provide a full, detailed analysis of the entire waste-stream for any given period of time and from multiple points of view.