Specialty Services


With our vast network of end user mills, manufacturers and processors across the globe we ensure the most competitive pricing for commodities with the lowest handling costs. Our in-house fleet of trucks and experienced drivers guarantee proper handling of your materials and record keeping from inception through end disposition.

Hauler Negotiations

We negotiate with our nation-wide network of haulers to ensure you get the lowest rate per cubic yard for the right level of service you require.

Invoice Management

Through our Recovery-Chain Management Systems your facility invoices will be scrutinized with ‘exception reports’ as well as ‘predictive indicators’ identifying missed opportunities and insuring accuracy in billing.

Waste Audit

Waste audits provide an in-depth analysis into our customer’s waste stream, allowing them insight to their percentage of waste that is comprised of revenue generating materials. This allows RMG to gauge the current level of recycling, and forecast the amount of monetary benefits that can be realized with improved recycling processes.

Invoice Auditing

RMG ensures the proper charges with the right service levels are being invoiced, and that local municipal taxes and franchise restrictions are met.