As a part of RMG’s dedication to the Food Recovery Hierarchy, we’ve built powerful partnerships with food banks and donation networks for people in need. 

To recover food waste not suitable for human consumption, RMG has developed the Portable Organics Diversion System (PODS) to address all of the issues commonly associated with recycling food waste.  

First, an RMG representative works with clients to determine the number of green tote bins needed.  Our rep then works collaboratively with your team to develop a system specific to your operation that ensures ease of use.

Staff wheel the empty totes from the drop-off location to the kitchens, where they’re typically set up at prep stations.  When finished using a tote, staff can wheel them back to the original drop-off location where totes are picked up by RMG, and replaced with freshly sanitized ones.  

RMG then diverts the collected food waste to either composting facilities or to farms for animal feed.  All diverted food waste is tracked with our RCMS reporting system, so our clients can see the positive environmental impact of their efforts.