General Services

Front Load

Our Front-Load service operates Mon – Sat. Front-Load containers are a convenient, temporary or permanent waste solution for commercial and industrial properties with businesses and events that generate large amounts of waste. The bins are extremely durable, and allow our customers to separate their waste and recyclables with ease.

Roll Off

Roll-Off services are recommended for larger projects requiring containers ranging from 10 to 40 yards in size. These open top containers are great for construction, renovation, large clean-ups, and other jobs in need of a large collection point.


On-site compactors provide an ideal solution for large waste generators such as manufacturers, hospitals, hotels and other businesses that want to save space and reduce costs. Compactors compress your waste volume, eliminate repeated trips to the dumpster, and prevent illegal dumping.


The Bobtail service picks up recyclables with a forklift or pallet jack. It’s useful to move baled loads, loads on pallets, and loads in Gaylord’s.

Equipment Sales/Rental

RMG has the equipment necessary for your waste & recycling needs available to buy or lease.

RMG can provide the necessary maintenance and repair services. The compactors we use are equipped with gauges that indicate how full the compactors are to aid in scheduling exchanges. Exchanges will be made on an on-call or online schedule that will assure proper equipment utilization and efficiencies. Adjustments are frequently made through the year in accordance to seasonal changes in the volume of waste.


We educate and train your staff on the importance of recycling, how it impacts the environment, and how it can benefit your bottom line.