RMG offers a comprehensive Recycling and Waste Solution for mall management. Designed for mall owners and mall management organizations.

Who Benefits from our Recycling & Waste Mall Program?

We can accommodate any client and give our customers the ability to divert their recyclable commodities from their trash stream and to generate revenue from materials including cardboard, metal, plastic, and shrink wrap. Why throw away a valued commodity! RMG recycling programs provide the following benefits to a number of industries, here are only a few examples:

  • Retail Malls - Our program is designed to be simple and cost efficient for all tenants as well as reaching all targets set by the mall management team.
  • Property Management Companies - Creation of additional revenue sources through pad rentals and cardboard recycling. Installation of a cardboard and plastic baling program that will reduce waste disposal costs for the tenants and provide measurable waste diversion success statistics to the City and State Government.

Specifics of the Mall Program

RMG partners with clients and seamlessly integrate a mall waste program will provide the following benefits:

to a number of industries, here are only a few examples:


  • Revenue Sources - By combining the pad rentals with the cardboard and plastic recycling revenues, new income is generated. The total revenues could be substantial. Note that this has no additional costs to your center because RMG provides a waste and recycling porter.
  • Waste Disposal Billing - Simplify your billing process. RMG adds value by centralizing trash billing. We will handle all of the trash hauling or manage the customer's preferred hauler for the trash compactor services.
  • Waste Collection and Equipment - RMG can provide the necessary maintenance and repair services. The compactors we use are equipped with gauges that indicate how full the compactors are to aid in scheduling exchanges. Exchanges will be made on an on-call or online schedule that will assure proper equipment utilization and efficiencies. Adjustments are frequently made through the year in accordance to seasonal changes in the volume of waste.

Recycle now with RMG!

The Resource Management Group can provide a custom made recycling program for your commercial or retail business. Contact us to find out how we can help you go Green!

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