Discover how a complete Source Diversion Program will increase bottom line savings and help protect the environment.

What is Source Diversion

The collection and processing of recyclable materials.

The manufacturing of these materials into new products.

The purchase and use of products with recycled content.


Solutions to Waste Managment

The Resource Management Group will design and implement for your company a complete Source Diversion Program. Our program will increase bottom line savings and provide comprehensive environmental compliance with all of California's (and other States) environmental standards including AB939, which requires 50 percent diversion throughout the State of California.

Why Should Your Company Recycle?

Recycling saves money by lowering the solid waste disposal costs, Recycling Reduces landfills, hence lowing a community's long term costs. It also helps communities meet its the State's mandated recycling goals. Recycling increases confidentiality of your office papers. Remember, throwing recyclables away is a waste of money. The indirect savings can be calculated - Recycling saves water, energy and it reduces pollution. 80% of all office waste is recyclable paper and other materials. Each ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees and 4,000 gal of water

Starting a Waste Management Program

As part of our design and implementation effort, The Resource Management Group will carry out the following steps to ensure the best Source Diversion Solution:

  1. Initial Solid Waste System Review
    RMG will conduct a waste characterization review of the following areas:
    • Disposal and diversion records history audit.
    • Quantify solid waste generated by source.
    • Separated co-mingles waste to identify recyclable section.
    • Develop solid-waste generation recommendations.
  2. Program Design and Implementation
    Following initial review, RMG will evaluate your company's waste handling system:
    • Review equipment utilization
    • Collection system review
    • Evaluate service providers
    • Develop baseline rate of disposal
    • Develop and implement RMG program
  3. Continuous Support Services
    RMG continues to evaluate and revise collection system as needed:
    • Available In-house keepers
    • Monitor new program implementation
    • Provide ongoing assistance in compliance matters
    • Monitor all solid waste and diversion service providers
    • Prepare monthly reports online
    • Offering Trash Management Tools Online

Please Contact us to schedule a free evaluation to determine how a Source Diversion Program can help manage your waste disposal needs.


Recycle now with RMG!

The Resource Management Group can provide a custom made recycling program for your commercial or retail business. Contact us to find out how we can help you go Green!

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