Interested in Demolition Services? The Resource Mangament Group will guarantee the destruction of your materials.

Demolition Services

RMG provides a full range of non-hazard product or paper demolition services to customers. We pick-up your difficult materials, deliver it to a safe area and destroy it. When it is possible, we will recycle. Above all we reduce your potential liability risks by managing the entire product destruction stream with extreme care.

Material Destruction Guarantee

At RMG, we guarantee that your materials will be destroyed. A certificate of destruction will be furnished when you are invoiced. Destruction of confidential information can be witnessed, at your request.

By using our own equipment and experienced people, we can assure our customers each project will be handled professionally and safely. We are committed to delivering professional services at competitive prices.

Please Contact us to schedule a free consultation to evaluate your product disposal needs.


Recycle now with RMG!

The Resource Management Group can provide a custom made recycling program for your commercial or retail business. Contact us to find out how we can help you go Green!

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