The Resource Management Group Takes National Stage

Armen Derderian, CEO of The Resource Management Group (RMG) has been invited to speak at the Retailer Industry Leaders Association’s (RILA) National Retailer’s convention devoted to issues of environmental sustainability and compliance.

RMG is a full-service waste and recyclable commodities solutions company headquartered in San Diego, California.  Focusing on being an environmental conscious company, RMG provides turn-key, nationwide corporate recycling services.  As the recycling partner of Costco for the past 15 years Derderian is honored to share his proven successful recycling programs with the World’s largest retail stores during the convention.  “The key to success for any recycling program is creating efficient logistics” says Derderian.  Knowing this Derderian has built an entire fleet capable of providing full waste diversion services to his partners. Derderian insists on calling his clients partners since his programs create revenue which in turn creates a partnership between the two companies. 

At the convention Derderian will speak on large scale profit generating recycling programs.  The focus will be on “Best Practices for Retailers” and “The Pros and Cons of Implementing a Best in Class Waste Diversion Program”.

As the world markets increase demand for commodities more companies try to do what Derderian has been successfully doing for nearly two decades. In an age where management demands numerical proof of functioning programs, RMG’s “One Source Report” answers all questions in an easy to read one page summary clearly showing a company’s waste diversion rate. 

Last year TESCO, the third largest retail store in the world, partnered with RMG who created from scratch a Best-In-Class recycling program for their new Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market grocery stores.  The key to success for Fresh & Easy is RMG’s logistical staff that works at the distribution center.  They unload, count, clean, sort and process all reusable and recyclable items returning from the individual stores. 

RMG prides itself on working with its partners to continue to improve their waste diversion programs. RMG continually seeks out new markets for the commodities produced by its partners.  Selling commodities to 5 countries world-wide, RMG ensures that its partner’s best interests remain at the top of the priority list.
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