About The Resource Management

Our Proven Success

RMG has been in the recycling business since 1992, with many additional years experience in commodity management:

  • We have the ability to access international channels, which allow us to find those businesses –wherever in the world they are located - that will utilize our waste products as raw materials.
  • We have discovered that the waste produced by "One" is an important commodity to "Another".
  • Recognizing a marketable recyclable commodity has been one of our strengths since the beginning.

How Can RMG Help your Business?

Our design philosophy can be aptly defined as “simplistic solutions for a simple product”. That is, we strive to portray everything the client wants in as simple and functional a way as possible. Recycling commodities should not be a challenge.

  • We can Obtain the Best Prices for Recyclable Commodities, including cardboard, metal and plastic.
  • Quick Response Time on all Trucking Needs.
  • Efficient and Modern Information Management.
  • Cost Savings and a Return on Investment.
  • Improved Company Environmental Image.

RMG Key Territories

Headquartered in San Diego, CA The Resource Management Group has offices and recycling yards in San Diego and Ontario CA as well as Mt. Vernon, WA, and has satellite operations in the following territories:

  • Phoenix (AZ), St. Georges (UT), Denver (CO), Albuquerque (NM), Texas Region (TX) and Las Vegas (NV).
  • We may service other regions in the near future.

Recycle now with RMG!

The Resource Management Group can provide a custom made recycling program for your commercial or retail business. Contact us to find out how we can help you go Green!

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